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Celebrate Party Venue Rental Agreement

Customer Copy - Celebrate Rental Contract

Celebrate Party Venue, 7629 S. Staples, Suite A104, Corpus Christi, TX 78413 – 361-977-8311


Initial payment to reserve the date includes a Non-Refundable Initial deposit of ½ down of the total cost. You are purchasing a block of time. Additional hours are $200-$100 per ½ hour if needed or used. (including rehearsals, photography sessions and rental day additional hours, set up, clean up). You may not add time once an event has begun. Because we may have an event directly before or after your event, outside vendors are only allowed in during the rented time and it is important to finish on time. Extra guests beyond the 75 must be paid for up front. We will set up the room according to the number of chairs required by you at the time of booking. You may not move furniture around, add tables or add chairs once an event has begun. Additional guests are $10 per chair.

Final balances for party balances are due 3 weeks prior to event. Wedding/Quinceanera event final balances are due 1 month prior to event. A security deposit of$150- $250 is due with the payment and will be refunded after the event providing there are no deductions. It takes 2 weeks for the linens to come back washed in order to assess damages. The deposit will be refunded after.

Any additional fees will be due day of party if event goes over the agreed time. If you arrive early wanting to come in, the time charge will be deducted from your deposit.

We sell time. All fees are based on an agreed time of usage of the facility, including setup and cleanup. You agree that $100 dollars per each additional 1/2 hour will be automatically charged to your credit card for any time over the agreed rental time. Times are rounded to the next 30 minutes. If the time is within $150.00 it will be taken from the security deposit amount and you will be refunded the difference. Damages will be deducted from security deposit.

Your initial electronic payment including policy acknowledgment checked off or paper contract constitutes a valid agreement.


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OF ANY PAYMENTS USED TO SECURE THE VENUE AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN MADE. You may call to cancel but please do not expect or ask for a refund. We turn other customers away once you have reserved your date. If we are able to reschedule at least 4 weeks prior to your event, we reserve the right to do so and will make every possible effort to help you within reason. People book months in advance and the odds of scheduling another event in place of yours at the last minute is not an option. This is standard policy for the venue rental industry.

Rental arrangements can be changed or reschedule if they are made no later than 4 weeks prior to events. There is a $100 rescheduling fee. Reschedules are allowed once, providing the date/time requested is available and the new date must be selected the day of the cancelation. If you book a prime Friday or Saturday time slot and cancel at the last minute, such as the week of, you will not be rescheduled on another prime day as we will have turned away other customers that wanted that time/date and we cannot do it again. All fees must be paid in full for the previous/new party at the time of the reschedule. Deposit will only be refunded if the venue cancels date due to a natural disaster or city/state Covid requirement. Balance of rental fee is due as agreed prior to your event and at this time, applicants are required to update any information and confirm their rental agreements. If final balance is not paid by the due date, the event will be cancelled. No refund will be made after event date and applicants will be billed for the remainder of the balance. Cancellations prevent the venue from obtaining other potential clients and cause a loss of revenue for the venue. There are no exceptions. If the event can be rescheduled there will be a $100 rescheduling fee due at the time of reschedule. These stipulations are industry standard for all venues.


The renter must leave the facility in the condition it was received and vacate premises by agreed time. Utility sink, broom, trash can, trash bags, Windex and cleaning cloths are available if you need it. If you do not wish to clean after your party, or fail to clean according to the cleaning policy it will be taken out of your deposit at a rate of $75 per hour.  Please do not throw food and beverages in the restroom sinks or toilet. The utility sink is for beverages only. There is a $100 charge for clogging the utility sink with food. There is a sign above sink that says NO FOOD in sink. Caterers may not wash dishes in the utility sink. All equipment used by the renter must be accounted for before the renter releases the facility back to Celebrate. All trash, balloons, decorations and leftover food and disposable partyware must be disposed of in the outside dumpster.

All missing or damaged equipment, and permanent fixtures, plus additional hours for replacement/repair accrued at a $50/hr. minimum will be the responsibility of the renter at the fair market value which will be assessed against the $150 fee. If additional damages are incurred, they will be the sole responsibility of the renter and be charged to the renter’s credit card.

All efforts will be made to remove food, drink or other stains from the linens after usage. If linens are ruined or torn the cost of replacement will be charged to the responsible party’s credit card. Stains generally come out and two attempts at washing will be made.

You are solely responsible for any damage one of your guests or vendors may cause. Barbeque sauce, oils, ink, anything red, Mexican food sauces and icing with food coloring will stain. You should use black linens. Use pencils not pens. Ink does not come out.

Replacement Costs for Damages

Table Cloths: $18 6’, $23 8’Runners: $10 satin & $15 shimmerCake or treat Stand: $45

Centerpieces Glass Vases/stands: $35 Chairs: $90 Accent Tables: $150Microphone: $200

IPad: $550Wall Hangings: $150Stage Lights $50 Other items: Replacement cost

*** Please consider that ink, colored icing with food coloring, anything red, bar-b-que, red sauces, colored punch, orange and cranberry juice and coffee almost always stain white linens and you will be responsible for replacement if damaged.


All information regarding outside vendors that will be used by the renter must be submitted to the venue 1 week prior to the event. Name, phone number and address. Vendors are allowed in at your rental start time. We must talk to them before they show up. If your vendors arrive early demanding to set up because you tell them to, we will deduct the time charge from your deposit.


You may bring decorations, balloons or centerpieces. Items are not permitted to be affixed to walls/ceiling or attached to wall hangings or light fixtures. Tacks, nails, and staples, tape are not permitted for decorating. If you tie balloons to chairs you must remove them at the end of the event. Balloon arrangements must be fully made before bringing them. Confetti, rice, bubbles or other sprinkles, plastic babies to hide are not allowed. Game pieces may not be hidden in our fixtures, flowers or centerpieces or affixed to our items.


The microphone can be used for announcements only, not karaoke.


The dance for can be used if space allows and arrangements are made prior to the event. For safety reasons, we do not allow people to move furniture around to make space after an event had started.


A staff person will be responsible for opening the facility and locking up. They will help coordinate the event, make announcements and assist with guest services. They can adjust AC, TV, help with the photobooth and music. Do not ask staff to provide anything that is not already prearranged in your contract.


Standing on chairs is not permitted. Attaching items to the ceiling is not permitted. Moving furniture around once a party has started is not permitted. Cords cannot run across the floor if they a tripping hazard. The front or back door cannot be propped or held open for an extended period. Continuously going in and out of the exit door will make your event hot due too loss of AC. Smoking or loitering outside the building during an event is not permitted. Smoking, vaping and animals inside the building are not permitted. People are not permitted to hang outside the backdoor. We do not allow animals in the venue.


Children under 16 are not permitted to: run around, stand in chairs, remove their shoes, play on the stage, touch the photo booth equipment. Children are not permitted to run in and out of the building. It is the responsibility of the parent to supervise their children at all times. Children under 11 are not allowed to be dropped off at the venue.


It is the renters’ responsibility to inform their guests before the event of all rules governing alcohol use including this facility, state and local governing laws. Guests are not permitted to take alcohol out of the building or loiter outside during parties. The renter responsible event is solely responsible for the consumption of alcohol and safety of guests or drivers leaving their event. It is not the responsibility of the venue to monitor alcohol consumption or safety of your guests. We do not monitor your guests. Minors may not drink or be served alcohol.


The facility can be used for approved caterers or self–catered events. All food must be 100% preprepared. All food must be served from a table in the main room unless the ½ door is being used for pick up. Electrical outlets can be used to heat pre-made food. Use of kitchen appliances, grills or pits are not permitted (stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator). Crockpots and heating elements must be used on tables next to a wall in a safe and supervised place. Extension cords that people have to walk over are not permitted.

Applicant(s) will need to instruct caterers or outside services to deliver and pick-up all equipment, materials, and/or other items within the time agreed upon in the rental application or an additional charge may be added to your bill and charged to your credit card. Once your party is over we will not reopen for vendors at other times for their convenience. There may be other parties before and after yours so timing is very important.

Caterers are not permitted to wash their dishes on premises. We do not have a kitchen or kitchen sink for their use. Disposable or plastic dinnerware is highly recommended.


Applicant(s) may be required to provide liability insurance for large public/private functions where alcohol is served, and renters may be required to provide at least one peace officer present in uniform for the entire event. Throwing of rice is not permitted. Birdseed outside the facility is not allowed. Fireworks (including sparklers) are prohibited, due to city ordinance. We do not allow bouncy houses or food trucks to be part of the event due to people having to continuously come in and out of the door. Acoustical musicians (mariachis, trios, vocalists) are allowed to perform inside the venue. Amplified equipment (bands, etc.) are permitted only if the volume is controlled and does not interfere with other tenants in the shopping center. All applicant(s)/renters must be 21 years old.


I ___________________________________ am the responsible party for this event and have read, understand, agree to and have received a copy of this Rental Application/Contract. This serves as an indemnity form holding the Celebrate Party Venue, its officers, employees, and guests, harmless against any and all liabilities. By making this purchase, I say am the responsible party for this event and have read, understand, agree to and can print a copy of this Rental Application/Contract online Celebrate Party Venue does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of sex, race, national origin or disabilities in the provision services. In the event legal fees are incurred, I understand I am responsible for compensating Celebrate Party Venue for court costs and attorney fees. Celebrate or its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If an item is left it becomes the property of the venue and we are free to dispose of it.

I understand there are no refunds after payment has been made.

I assume responsibility and shall reimburse Celebrate Party Venue for any damages to equipment, furniture, building or exterior features during their rental period. I also understand and my guests and I will abide by the guidelines outlined in the contract as well as state/federal guidelines. I understand I am solely responsible for any damage one of your guests or vendors may cause.

I understand the I am responsible for educating my guests on any of the above outlined rules and requirements. I understand if I or my guests refuse to abide by this agreement or exhibit unacceptable behavior, they will be removed from the premises, the event will be stopped and all money and fees will be forfeited and not refunded. I understand it is my sole responsibility to monitor alcohol consumption. If minors are observed consuming alcohol, the event will be stopped and all money and fees will be forfeited and not refunded.

If you have any questions please call us at 361-977-8311.

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